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19th Century European Stained Glass Window Restoration

Adamm's CH 


I acquired this window along with an identical one about 30 years ago. The designer who brought them in couldn't afford to have us restore both of them, so I kept this one and restored the other which she gladly took in exchange. For this one we replaced about 35 broken or missing painted pieces and totally restored it. The red glass is all antique (mouth blown) German glass. The painted gold colors are achieved with silver stain paints. All the painting is fired in a kiln which fuses the paint to the glass. The paint is actually composed of dyes and finely ground glass. The center medallion of the cavalier on horseback may not be original with the window. When we acquired the window the medallion's leading showed signs of being replaced at some point. However, since the state of the window was p[opopr it could have just been loose and was reworked to fit back in. the leading. We disassembled the window, thoroughly cleaned it and releaded it with all new lead. I happened to have an old oak sash that we were able to cut down a bit and make it fit. The window is about 72" x 30" and has a dramatic effect.

After all these years I have decided to retire it to my home. I love it when a beautiful window gets a nice home DON'T YOU?

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