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Sher Berman Glass Jewelry Artist

SBGL    Sher apatite     SBD0009-2T

Crochet lariat with glass beads  Apatite and silver bead necklace Glass and silver crochet necklace

In a world where so many artists and designers use production pieces fabricated in China it is refreshing to see an American artist who creates 100% on her own. When you hold and look at a Sher Berman crochet bracelet, necklace, or earrings you immediately feel and see quality. Sher's use of color is miraculous!

     SBRGE       SBOE Before (2)       SBLBE    SMAE
Lampwork Rasberry Beads           Long Orange Bead    Lampwork Black Glass Bead  Slver and Apatite bead Earrings

She combines colored glass, semi-precious stones, and silver beads in dramatic, tasteful, and pleasing color combinations. Her work is exceptionally comfortable to wear. It is light, smooth on the body, and very easy to put on and take off. Simply put her work is a joy to wear and blast to look at. There is no doubt, you will be the LIFE OF THE PARTY!

In Sher's words:

    I have a passion for beads in all its many forms. I create my own lampwork glass beads in my home studio in Illinois. I also do all the bead crochet from start to finish.
I grew up in Highland Park, Illinois attending Highland Park High School. Every year they would have something called "Focus on the Arts" and I just loved that special time. The school would bring in professionals in all different fields of the arts. You could learn to use a camera, solder a ring or write a short story. I took all jewelry classes and was completely fascinated. That is when I knew I would use my creativity to create something unique.
I went on to achieve a BFA in Graphic Design from the University of Iowa and worked many years in Chicago as a graphic designer.
I got married, had two wonderful children and then it was, well, now what? I took a lampworking class in Highland Park and absolutely fell in love with it. The minute the torch was lit, I knew it would be my calling.
I now make glass beads and create bead crochet pieces in my home studio.

When  outdoor art shows are again allowed Sher will be displaying in them. Her work is also available at the gallery. www.adammsgallery.com



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