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Roundel Quatrefoil Leaded Glass Windows


The quatrefoil shape was most popular during the Gothic and renaissance eras. The word quatrefoil means four leaves and is specifically referring to the four-leaf clover. The shape was predominantly used in churches above the Gothic arch. Today we use the quatrefoil shape in Mediterranean, and Spanish architecture.                                                                                                                          

Quite often you will see stained, beveled, and clear leaded glass designs in the quatrefoil shape. We were fortunate to be contracted to fabricate and install two 42" diameter windows using roundel glass. The home was a beautiful home in Malibu, California. The two windows were in a bar, music room, and were in Cantera Stone frames. Inside the frames was a steel set of double casement windows with clear glass. We removed these by cutting the steel and compressing the frame.

We usually use roundels made with Lambert Glass from Germany. However, with the Covid problem Lambert has ceased producing roundels, and they have no immediate plan to continue. We were referred to Monarch Glass Studio in Kansas City. Monarch makes custom roundels that are marvelous. They will make virtually any color, shade or tint you can think  of, and in any size. Tyler at Monarch was a great help.


Our customer wanted to use very pale colors to try to match roundel windows he had seen in the Doge's house Venice, Italy. Monarch supplied the colored roundels, which we mixed with clear. We used 7/32" H round lead, and the background glass was clear Wissmach seedy glass. We used two 3/8 steel reinforcing bars on each window. We bent the bars to conform to the lead lines.


The installation was not straight forward. the Cantera stone was set from the inside with four separate pieces and the same on the inside. While the house was not that old the pieces either were not set squarely originally or they had slipped over the years. As a result the opening on the inside was different from the outside. Even after taking exact measurements and making  a template there were corrections we had to make. In addition the two windows themselves had different measurements. With no molding we used Dowsil 795 on the outside and Color Fast Flexible Grout on the interior to match the stucco walls. 

                                                                                                                                      Shane 4

The final installation was magnificent. The subtle colors filtered in the light and the green plants and trees outside worked very well with the feeling the window and the room. 

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